Graphic Design

Based in Longview, Texas, STAR CO performs research and development in the areas of consumer electronics, software, optics and mechanics. The company works in the areas of computer hardware, software, LCDs, LEDs and other devices manufactured and deployed by the world's largest, high-tech corporations.

Graphic Design employees at STAR CO have a unique chance to take new ideas and technologies developed by our engineers and turn them into retail products for consumers. STAR CO aims to be at the forefront of technology development, making an impact on both the world at large and in the local community. Our office culture strongly encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and uniqueness.

Opportunities Available:

Contract Employment

Position overview:

The Business Department involves interacting with the functions of product marketing, sales, customer service and engineering project management for STAR CO. The graphic design candidate will be expected to perform duties including, but not limited to, creating branding ideas for new products, developing graphics and visuals using graphic design software, designing promotional advertising materials, and actively work with marketing and sales campaigns.

Graphic Design employees will have the opportunity to create and develop new marketing strategies, designs, and materials for products that will be brought to the market place in current and emerging fields. This type of work will require the business candidate to be creative and innovative in ideas and implementation, allowing for changes in marketing direction as marketing data is analyzed over time. While synergetic teamwork will be emphasized in the work place and likely required at times, all employees in the business department should be self-motivated and be able to work independently and/or with minimal supervision. Graphic Design employees will be responsible for specific tasks, which may range from giving input in product design, developing marketing and advertising graphics and visuals, constructing product photography/videography, managing social media and website updates, and studying market trends and processing.

Marketing for new and innovative technologies requires the ability to cohesively devise strategies to manage many different aspects at once. As such, a graphic design candidate with previous experience with graphic design for marketing and advertising purposes is necessary. Additionally, any candidates with a broad knowledge of marketing and advertising strategies, sales, and a working knowledge of the relationship between social media and customer acquisition are strongly encouraged to apply.


  1. Currently holds or is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Advertising, Business Marketing, Communication, related fields or equivalent experience.
  2. High GPA (3.5 or higher) is preferred, strong academic performance.
  3. Creative and innovative. Ability to learn and implement new concepts and designs.
  4. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  5. Experience with graphic design software: Adobe Creative Suite, Gimp,, etc.
  6. Experience with photography/videography.
  7. High proficiency in creativity, communication, and design.
  8. Experience working with social media.
  9. Experience with web development: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, etc. is a plus.
  10. Experience with Google Analytics is a plus.


  1. Think creatively and construct new branding for product design, graphics and layouts.
  2. Develop graphics and visuals for product illustrations, logos, and websites using graphic design software.
  3. Design and create finished promotional advertisements (online, print, email, etc.).
  4. Actively work with marketing and sales campaigns.
  5. Develop or coordinate product photography and videography.
  6. Perform within marketing and business related budgets.
  7. Maintain social networking accounts and marketing efforts.
  8. Analyze market trends and adapt marketing efforts accordingly.
  9. Work on other business-related projects as assigned.

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