Electrical/Computer Engineer

Based in Longview, Texas, STAR CO performs research and development in the areas of electronics, software, optics and mechanics. The company works in the areas of computer hardware, software, LCDs, LEDs and other devices manufactured and deployed by the world's largest, high-tech corporations. STAR CO is also involved in emerging technology development, such as renewable green technology for housing and self-sustainable farming, among other technologies.

Opportunities Available:

Full-Time Entry-Level Jobs
Full-Time Internships - Summer
Part-Time Internships - Spring and Fall Semesters

Position overview:

The Electrical and Computer Engineers at STAR CO have a unique chance to develop ideas and concepts for new technology in a world that is rapidly evolving. STAR CO aims to be at the forefront of technology development, making an impact both on the world at large and in the local community. In the STAR CO culture, creativity and uniqueness are encouraged, which allows our employees to be semi-autonomous when working on projects.

Both Electrical and Computer Engineers will have the opportunity to create and develop new technology in current and emerging fields leading to the development of products that will be brought to the market place. This type of work will require the engineers to be creative and innovative in ideas and designs, allowing for changes in project direction as the product life cycle progresses. While synergetic teamwork will be emphasized in the work place and likely required at times, the engineers should be self-motivated and be able to work independently and/or with minimal supervision. The engineers will be responsible for a project over the entire course of the product lifecycle, which may range from concept creation to prototyping to outsourcing and final distribution.

Creating new and innovative technologies requires the ability to cohesively devise designs combining analog and digital hardware with low level embedded systems programs. As such, electrical/computer engineers with a broad knowledge of electronics, software and a working knowledge of the relationship between hardware and software are strongly encouraged to apply. Additionally, any experience with microcontrollers, embedded systems programming and analog and digital signal processing will be valuable in understanding and developing projects. All engineers will be expected to have an understanding of basic programming and hardware design concepts.


  1. Currently holds or is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields.
  2. High GPA (3.5 or higher) is preferred, strong academic performance.
  3. Strong problem solving skills.
  4. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  5. Ability to learn and implement new concepts into designs.
  6. Strong adaptability to change and new direction within projects.
  7. Experience working with passive and active electronics.
  8. Experience working with microcontrollers, digital signal processors or FPGAs.
  9. Proficiency with two or more of the following: C, C++, Java, C#, Objective C, or Swift is a plus.
  10. Experience with inter-IC communication protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, USB, BLE, etc. is a plus.
  11. Experience with PCB design and SMD soldering is a plus.
  12. Experience with app development: iOS, Android or Windows Mobile is a plus.
  13. Experience with multiple operating systems: Windows, MacOS X or Linux is a plus.
  14. Experience with web development: Phython, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. is a plus.


  1. Create and innovate new concepts and designs.
  2. Research and compile technical information, including datasheets and product specifications.
  3. Prototype circuit designs and layout corresponding multi-layer PCBs.
  4. Develop programs for embedded systems which couple hardware, software, design and implementation.
  5. Integrate multiple systems using various communication protocols.
  6. Systems testing for hardware, software and human interactions.
  7. Take a project throughout the product lifecycle: conception, proof of concept, prototyping, product design, product testing, manufacturing, mass production and market introduction.
  8. Actively communicate and work with partnered companies.
  9. Perform scouting and research for new opportunities.

Please email your resume to info@starcotech.com.