Assembly Technician

Based in Longview, Texas, STAR CO performs research and development in the areas of electronics, software, optics and mechanics. The company works in the areas of computer hardware, software, LCDs, LEDs and other devices manufactured and deployed by the world's largest, high-tech corporations. STAR CO is also involved in emerging technology development, such as renewable green technology for housing and self-sustainable farming, among other technologies.

Opportunities Available:

Contract Part-Time/Full-Time Intermediate-Level Jobs
Contract Part-Time/Full-Time Entry-Level Jobs

Position overview:

The Assembly Technicians at STAR CO have a unique chance to turn ideas and concepts into new technology in a world that is rapidly evolving. STAR CO aims to be at the forefront of technology development, making an impact both on the world at large and in the local community. In the STAR CO culture, creativity and uniqueness are encouraged, which allows our employees to be semi-autonomous when working on  projects.

Assembly Technicians will have the opportunity to create new technology in current and emerging fields leading to the development of products that will be brought to the market place. This type of work will require the technicians to be creative and innovative in ideas and workflow, allowing for changes in processes as the product life cycle progresses. While synergetic teamwork will be emphasized in the work place and likely required at times, the technician should be self-motivated and be able to work independently and/or with minimal supervision in an entrepreneurial environment.

Creating new and innovative technologies requires the ability to cohesively assemble analog and digital hardware with production level plastic components. As such, Assembly Technicians with a broad knowledge of prototyping and assembly processes and a working knowledge of the relationship between hardware and software are strongly encouraged to apply.

Assembly Technicians play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, ensuring that all prototypes and assembly processes meet requirements and are produced at the highest quality level. Job duties include following a design plan to assemble or fix small circuit electronics, keeping the prototyping and assembly areas safe, reading measurements, writing reports on results of testing, and reporting issues to the engineering team. Strong attention to detail, ability to follow specific instructions, good hand/eye coordination, and performance of quality inspection and similar manufacturing functions is required.


  1. Currently holds a High School Diploma/GED or is pursuing/currently holds an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Aided Drafting, Mechanical Engineering, or related  fields.
  2. Previously worked or is working in Electronics Assembly, Manufacturing, Machine Operating, Quality Control, Soldering, or related fields.
  3. High GPA (3.5 or higher) is preferred, strong academic performance.
  4. Strong problem solving skills. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  5. Ability to understand and follow instructions as well as pay attention to detail.
  6. Ability to do repetitive operations with high manual dexterity and hand eye coordination.
  7. Ability to work with a microscope and/or magnifying glass. Ability to work with small parts and materials.
  8. Must have a “can-do” attitude – the desire to go above and beyond in all you do.
  9. Maintains a clean and safe work enviornment.
  10. Must have these qualities: punctual, reliable, courteous, positive attitude and continual improvement.
  11. Experience working with assembly in a hands-on environment such as: Hand Tools, Soldering, Clean Room, Assembly Line, and Manufacturing process.
  12. Experience working with prototyping in a hands-on environment such as: 3-D printing, SLA, Mold making, and CNC machining.
  13. Experience working with product design and manufacturing documentation.


  1. Create and innovate new concepts and production level product designs.
  2. Interpret models, drawings, blueprints, diagrams, specifications, and assembly processes and procedures.
  3. Conduct assembly of product using hand or power tools. Ability to operate both stationary and moving objects.
  4. Perform soldering and follow clean room guidelines.
  5. Execute all work within safety parameters and document compliance. Perform quality checks to meet standards.
  6. Conduct systems testing for hardware, software and human interactions. Read and record measurements.
  7. Identify product defects and complete appropriate documentation. Rework and/or repair according to specifications.
  8. Report improvements for existing processes using analytical techniques to better meet requirements.
  9. Basic computer navigation and utilization skills. Ability to maintain inventory or product at workstation.
  10. Actively communicate and work with a supervisor and team.
  11. Perform related duties as needed by supervision.

Physical Demands and Responsibilities:

  1. Regularly required to stand for long periods of time. Frequently required to use tools or controls.
  2. Regularly lift and/or move up to 10 pounds and frequently lift and/or more up to 25 pounds.

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