Office Administrator

Based in Longview, Texas, STAR CO performs research and development in the areas of electronics, software, optics and mechanics. The company works in the areas of computer hardware, software, LCDs, LEDs and other devices manufactured and deployed by the world's largest, high-tech corporations. STAR CO is also involved in emerging technology development, such as renewable green technology for housing and self-sustainable farming, among other technologies.

STAR CO's newest business venture, is an online retailer for consumer electronics and accessories. The company strives to provide the best possible shopping and buying experience for consumers from low prices and quality product to excellent customer service. is always looking for the latest and coolest technology products on the market, and is the selling platform for STAR CO's consumer electronics products.

Opportunities Available:

Full-Time Entry-Level Jobs
Part-Time Entry-Level Jobs

Position overview:

The Office Administrator will perform a number of administrative tasks including but not limited to document creating, mailing, maintaining product inventory levels, filing, and answering phone calls in addition to performing assisted engineering research, patent research, and product research.


  1. Currently holds or is pursuing a degree in Business Adminstration or related fields.
  2. High GPA (3.5 or higher), strong academic performance.
  3. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  4. Creative and innovative.
  5. Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and/or with minimal supervision.
  6. Have and maintain a positive and can-do attitude.
  7. Ability to follow directions.
  8. Strong problem solving skills.
  9. Ability to work well in a team environment.
  10. Strong adaptability to change and new direction with projects.


  1. Actively work with employees in providing assistance when needed.
  2. Maintain and check stock and product inventory levels.
  3. Perform engineering and patent research.
  4. Perform new product research.
  5. Work on other business- and engineering-related projects as assigned.