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STAR CO to Participate in LeTourneau University Career Fair

Longview, Texas – Sept. 10, 2018 – STAR CO is pleased to participate in LeTourneau University's Career Fair 2018, where we will be interacting and looking to hire students who are interested in careers in such fields as electrical engineering, computer engineering, app development, busienss marketing, and graphic design.

Career Fair 2018 at LeTourneau University will be on October 4th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Solheim Center.

More information is available at www.letu.edu/careerservices.

STAR CO Grows Prototyping and Manufacturing Capabilities

Longview, Texas – Mar. 12, 2018 – STAR CO is pleased to announce it has selected to invest in LPM technologies to add to its in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

Our employees were impressed with recent developments LPM low pressure molding capabilties and we are excited to have these additional prototyping capabilities for our research and development.

STAR CO Sends Employees to International CES 2018

Longview, Texas – Jan. 8, 2018 – STAR CO is pleased to announce it has sent three of its employees to the International Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These employees will be communicating with industry contacts, creating new company relations, as well as experiencing new technology hands-on. This will be the fourth year that STAR CO has sent employees to the CES Convention.

For more information about the International Consumer Electronics Showcase, visit www.ces.tech.