Research and Development

Our Discplines


  • LCD and LED Application to all types of products for illumination, display, and other purposes
  • Circuit Board Design involving small SMT package sizes, multi-layer PCBs, and initial breadboard research
  • Embedded Systems Programming along with hardware design and rigorous testing procedures
  • Systems Testing applied comprehensively to all hardware, software, and human interactions involved

Product Design

  • Detailed Design Renderings in 2D and 3D sketches and models of multiple concept versions
  • User Interface Design integrated into the hardware and software development process from the start
  • Product Branding involving sketches and renderings of multiple image designs for marketing and packaging
  • Manufacturability Design Review with regards to injection molding and assembly line production

Rapid Prototyping

  • Creative Prototype Modeling utilizing any and all materials that can accomplish the end result
  • Rapid SLA Printing utilizing 3D printing technology that allows same-day prototyping with incredible accuracy
  • Complete Product Assembly including the ability to perform detailed testing of product functionality

Our Process

Our team follows our unique and innvoative approach that has been designed, engineered, and tailored to fit any and all products through their unique research and development lifecycle.

  1. Conception
  2. Proof of Concept
  3. Prototyping
  4. Product Design
  5. Product Testing
  6. Patent Filing
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Production
  9. Market Introduction