STAR CO was founded in 2009 to discover and promote technology development and advancement through cutting-edge research, innovation, and commercialization.

Based in Longview, Texas, STAR CO performs research and development in the areas of electronics, software, optics and mechanics. The company works in the areas of computer hardware, software, LCDs, LEDs and other devices that are manufactured and deployed by the world's largest, high-tech corporations. STAR CO is also involved in emerging technology development, such as renewable green technology for housing and self-sustainable farming, among other technologies.

The company’s business focus includes:

  • LCD and LED display technology used by manufacturers of televisions, phones, smart devices, laptop computers and other devices
  • Hard Disk Drive Technology and flash drive technology used in computer, laptop and set top boxes
  • OCR Technology licensed to manufacturers of a vast array of computers, tablets, e-books and other devices

The company’s research and development includes:

  • LED Technology and consumer electronic applications
  • Industrial and Consumer Electronics and related technological applications
  • Sustainable Farming and Agricultural Technology with the goal of feeding the hungry